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"An Abundance of Katherines"

November 31, 2019

DevFest Melbourne 2018 Locknote

Amy Kathryn Kapernick

Amy is a freelance developer, starting her own business, working with other freelancers and learning everything she can about the web. She’s been a freelancer on the side for 4 years, and most recently worked at an agency in Subiaco. Amy also spends her time helping out as a co-organiser for Fenders (a community group of front-end developers in Perth), other community events (such as Perth Web Girls) and works as an evangelist for YOW! Conference. She blogs in her spare time (about tech, the web and life), and volunteers as a reviewer for the Fringe World Festival in Perth. Amy has also started The Freelance Guide to help other freelancers.

Originally presented at DevFest Melbourne 2018

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